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What format do you need my business logo to turn it into an embroidered design?

We would prefer a logo to be a .JPEG or .PNG design. We are open to any digital format of a design! We do not specialize in creating logos for businesses; however, we can direct you to resources that can!


Can I bring my own merchandise to be embroidered?

Yes, you can bring your own merchandise! However, we do have the right to choose what we are able to embroider on. We are dedicated to providing the best quality work and some materials do not allow that. If you have your own merchandise you want embroidered, message us with pictures and a description of your product!


Do you offer screen printing and t-shirts as well?

We do not offer screen printing at this point in our business. Our main source of customization is embroidery. We do offer customized vinyl t-shirts when customers want to bundle orders. Message us for full business merchandising orders!


Is embroidery worth the extra cost?

Yes, embroidery is worth the extra cost! Compared to vinyl and screen printing methods, embroidery is a very stable and durable method for customization of apparel. Embroidery adds an extra luxury to your business merchandising needs!

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